Y!Interest Group Vertical Brand Developments

Yahoo! Interest Group Vertical (IGV) is a platform which bring users come across with different interest by bookmarking, sharing , refering and "push" the article to others in order to build up the cross platform for different interest. User will be upgrade to certian level if they contribute to the site by uploading article, refer the article to their friends.

The interest group including Travel, Entertainment, Parenting & Pets etc. Brand Identity including Logos, Character, Score, Icons etc.

The overall ideas are using a score element which can come across with different interest group, to represent the "come across" ideas. To make the brand consistent across different interest website frontpage.





Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 3.1

Idea 4

Idea 4.1

Idea 4.2

Idea 4.3